Japan is a vibrant country with a rich cultural and economic history. The language, writing system, customs, politics, and varied cultural dimensions all contribute to the wonder of Japanese society but also combine to create significant obstacles to foreign companies and law firms seeking to conduct business in Japan. The global pandemic and restrictions on international travel further compound the challenges of effectively working with clients and legal counsel in Japan.

We solve these problems by providing bi-lingual support for companies and law firms doing business in Japan. We conduct in-person meetings during normal Japanese business hours to ensure information and requests are accurately and completely exchanged. We avoid translation delays by providing summaries of Japanese language documents and witness statements. We have extensive experience in complex global disputes and work seamlessly with counterparts in the U.S. and Europe.

These and other local services are routinely provided internally within the few U.S. and European law firms that maintain their own Tokyo offices. By collaborating with foreign counsel, we provide these same advantages to other U.S. and European firms—effectively expanding their capabilities and service offerings in Japan without the expense of maintaining and staffing a Tokyo office. 

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