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Q4 | 2018

Virtuoso Legal are a boutique firm of world class intellectual property solicitors. Over the past 10 years we have successfully represented clients in hundreds of intellectual property matters.

Our principles are:


Intellectual property is a broad area covering: registration, commercialisation and litigation. It may include things such as: trade marks, copyright, design rights, patents, confidentiality, website agreements, and much more. To manage IP correctly, well versed solicitors are required. Intellectual property is the only legal area that Virtuoso legal operates in. Our experts take every step to remain at the head of the field.


Our team of solicitors have been purposely selected for their focused expertise in intellectual property. All our solicitors have operated within the field of intellectual property throughout their careers. Whether it’s experience at Magic Circle law firms, or within industry. Our solicitors’ embedded experience across all intellectual property fields gives our award-winning team the cutting edge.


To deliver the results required by our clients; Virtuoso Legal’s intellectual property solicitors operate in dedicated teams. Whether: registration, commercialisation or litigation; in each matter, a world-class specialist is assigned to oversee your matter. This dedicated degree of specialism within our in-house team decreases costs typical in other firms.


We work with you. All action that is taken is commercially-driven and aligned with your goals. We work with you to agree the most appropriate strategy. No work is undertaken without an agreement in place. Costs are laid out transparently before any legal work is undertaken. Each matter is assigned to specialist who is made accessible to you – at all times.

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