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Shelston IP is one of the largest IP firms in Australasia and a recognised leader in this highly specialised field. We have one of the most highly qualified and experienced patent and design practice groups in the southern hemisphere, with a team of 30 patent professionals most of whom have over a decade of experience in IP and almost one third of whom hold PhD qualifications in their area of technical specialisation.

Shelston IP acts for many of the most well-known international innovative companies and has over 3,000 active clients which can be broadly categorised as:

• Multinational corporations including a number of Fortune Global 500 companies;

• Domestic and foreign corporations, research institutes, educational institutions, SMEs and entrepreneurs;

• Domestic professional services firms seeking specialist IP advice; and

• Foreign associate firms, including offshore specialist IP and general practice law firms representing their clients in foreign jurisdictions.

Shelston IP is proud of the long term, established relationships it shares with many of its largest clients; with over 60% of its top 100 clients having been clients of the firm for more than 10 years, and almost 50% of its top 100 clients having been with the firm for more than 15 years.

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    Level 9, 60 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
    Phone +61 2 9777 1111
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