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The consultants at SandRun Risk have extensive experience in understanding companies and the risks they face.  We provide a clear and analytical approach to the risk management issues raised by our clients.  The knowledge, experience and energy of our staff allows us to not only apply the right expertise to our clients’ risk management issues, but to ensure timely responsiveness and availability.   Our client service and advocacy is exceptional and uncompromised.  

For some companies, risk management is just the purchase of “insurance.”  SandRun Risk believes differently.  We believe that risk management involves following a deliberate set of actions to identify, quantify, manage and monitor those events or actions that could lead to a loss.  We also believe that risk management involves effectively managing the loss.  We help our clients identify, quantify, manage and monitor risks across their organizations to meet their business goals.  

Risk management also involves managing claims and making sure companies have insurance policies that provide coverage for those claims.  SandRun Risk helps companies find their missing insurance policies (we’ve located over $3.5 billion in insurance limits for clients), and negotiate and resolve complex insurance claims with insurance carriers (we’ve recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for clients).

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