Rouse is an IP services business focused on emerging markets. We operate as a closely integrated network to provide the full range of intellectual property services, from patent and trade mark protection and management to commercialisation, global enforcement and anti-counterfeiting.

We specialise in the most challenging business environments in the world.

Rouse goes where others have traditionally feared to tread. And we’ve been doing so for longer than just about any other law firm. We’ve long-standing experience and relationships in Asia, Africa, India and the Middle East, for example, because this is where our clients need us to be. In each case, our employees and offices work as a single, integrated team.

We’re part of the specialist teams that are helping create and advise on new laws.

The Rouse Network doesn’t just advise on the law, it helps define it. Thanks to our reputation and the regard in which we’re held, we’re regularly asked to work with IP organisations to shape and draft new laws. Recent examples include customs regulation and trade mark laws for emerging markets such as Myanmar.

We’re more than just a service provider.

Rouse doesn’t fit into the traditional business model – we’re proud to say we’re different. As an IP specialised services business focused on emerging markets, we wanted to model our business on the roles and responsibilities of in-house teams with a broad view of the IP needs of our clients.

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