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The amazing surge in ASEAN economic development has brought about an unexpected influx of Japanese companies to the region. One of the biggest misconceptions from foreigners conducting business in Southeast Asia is that they tend to put all ASEAN countries under a single umbrella. Nothing could be further from the truth. The laws of Thailand, for example, are not even remotely similar to the laws of Singapore or Brunei. Each of the ASEAN countries has its own perspective on fair play, justice, and the relationship of individuals or corporations with regard to taxation, immigration, or labor. Navigating these laws is a job for experts in these fields. We eliminate the need for our clients to contract with legal network in each ASEAN country; all of our clients’ needs are solved through one legal window.

One Asia Lawyers is a network of independent law firms created expressly to provide seamless, comprehensive legal advice for Japanese clients. We are legal specialists in the myriad and very complex laws in each of all ASEAN countries.

One Asia Lawyers’ member firms combine years of Southeast Asian legal experience in virtually all specialties of the law, from mergers/acquisitions to finance, real estate, and employment statutes. With our member firms in each ASEAN country as well as Japan, we provide an accessible and efficient service throughout the region.

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