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New Balkans Law Office is an innovative provider of Bulgarian legal advice to international clients, whether they are based in our jurisdiction or globally.

Founded in 2005, NBLO has established a reputation for insightful, committed and driven advice and representation. The rationale for NBLO’s establishment was to provide high quality advice on Bulgarian  legal  matters  to inward investors. Our aim has since then been to implement a novel approach   to   legal   services,  focused   on   client   service   and   assuming   the   global   and   the cross-jurisdictional element is at least potentially present in all our clients do.

This is helped by NBLO’s presence, uniquely among Bulgarian firms, in both Sofia and London. Our lawyers are members of the Sofia Bar, and some are dual-qualified as barristers and foreign lawyers. Other team members have experience of other major international economies and our team speaks more than 10 languages.

We work proactively with clients to tailor solutions to matters. Our approach is characterised by our collaborative culture which ensures all our lawyers share and apply knowledge of best practice.

We  back  up  our  expert  legal  advice  with  a  sound  understanding  of  the  Bulgarian  business environment.

Our  corporate  clients  operate  in  a  variety  of  industries  and  from  the  start,  we  have  served organisations  (including  multinational  businesses,  venture capitalists,  clubs  and  syndicates  of investors, not-for-profits and public bodies) originating from all major global economic regions.

We also assist private professionals in structuring region-wide and international transactions which make use of Bulgaria’s advantageous corporate and tax infrastructure.

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