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Maes Law is one of the leading Dutch law firms in the field of corporate immigration and cross-border employment. The team at Maes Law are specialists in international employment law and corporate immigration law. In 2020, Maes Law expanded its field of expertise by adding specialists in civil litigation, corporate law, M&A and recovery to the team.

The network of Maes Law consists of national and international specialists, so the clients will always have access to the relevant fields of knowledge. Cross-border legal issues are ever changing due to the increasing internationalisation, and legislation and regulations are often behind the curve. The team of specialists will advise you on what you need in the form of a clear, pragmatic advice that is straight to the point and leads to the best possible outcome.

Maes Law guides its clients through everything that comes into play when a company brings non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals to the Netherlands to perform work. Examples include:

  • Specific work permits;
  • Residence permits (knowledge migrant, ICT Directive, Blue Card, etc.);
  • Recognition as a sponsor to be able to employ knowledge migrants;
  • Intra-EU service provision;
  • International trade regulation;
  • Proceedings against the labour inspectorate or the Immigration and Naturalisation Service in cases concerning administrative fines for (alleged) illegal employment.
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