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Lee & Ko has become one of Korea’s premier full-service law firms, widely recognized for its leadership and outstanding success in every area of legal practice. As has been confirmed in numerous reviews conducted by Korea’s major media outlets, as well as ratings produced by international law firm rating services, Lee & Ko enjoys one of the highest levels of client satisfaction and a particularly excellent reputation for the quality of the firm’s legal services. Among other things, Lee & Ko prides itself on its ability to provide clients with the following advantages.

Premier Full Service Firm

Our objective is simple. To provide the best possible service to our clients, with a full range of legal expertise custom-tailored to meet each client’s particular needs. Lee & Ko maintains 40 legal practice groups, each of which is nationally recognized for excellence and staffed by leading experts in their fields. Clients choose Lee & Ko because they understand that many legal situations involve a broad array of legal issues that require expertise in various specialized areas of law. For example, in some cases a particular transaction may involve a variety of critical legal concerns, such as anti-trust issues, tax issues, intellectual property issues, securities regulations, labor laws and many others. Our clients appreciate Lee & Ko’s ability to efficiently draw upon and seamlessly coordinate market-leading expertise in each such area to provide the comprehensive advice and assistance that they require in any given situation.

Customized One-Stop Service for Practical and Efficient Solutions

Lee & Ko is highly regarded for providing its clients with timely, effective and practical solutions for nearly any complex legal situation. Lee & Ko’s ability to efficiently serve the needs of clients is in part due to the wealth of professional resources available within the firm. Instead of putting clients into a position where they need to spend valuable time and money obtaining additional advice and assistance from other service providers for particular issues, Lee & Ko can, in almost all cases, simply and cost-effectively obtain any needed services from within the firm itself, which, in addition to expert attorneys in every legal practice area, includes experienced professionals such as accountants (including certified public accountants and certified tax accountants), patent agents, former high-ranking government officials as advisors on regulatory matters, academics and many others.

Global Service

Lee & Ko maintains an excellent network of contacts in various jurisdictions around the world, including long-standing working relationships with leading international law firms. Accordingly, we are in an excellent position to help ensure that clients involved in cross-border transactions can receive not only the best advice and assistance with Korean legal matters, but also excellent, cost-effective advice from legal advisors and professionals in any other jurisdiction that may be involved. . We routinely provide services to clients that require legal assistance in countries such as China, Japan, Vietnam and other Southeastern nations, India, the Middle East, Russia, CIS, North and South America, and Europe. Lee & Ko also maintains its own liaison/representative offices in Beijing and Ho Chi Minh City.

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