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Once only a concern of large corporations, globalization today affects companies and countries of all sizes, which now battle for market share on a planetary scale. What is true abroad also affects us here at home. To meet these new imperatives, firms must adapt to the reality of business and evolve to meet the true needs of their clients.

Over the course of its history, Lavery has always been able to seize opportunities for growing and distinguish itself through its know how, the excellence of its services and its ability to react quickly to new situations. In March 2014, this responsiveness enabled the firm to integrate the expertise of more than 50 lawyers from the Heenan Blaikie firm, including all the members of both the Sherbrooke and Trois Rivières teams, a major addition devoted to serving the needs of the business community.

However, despite this important expansion, certain fundamental values remain the same. Thus, at every step of the mandate, our lawyers will always focus on the essentials: finding timely and cost-effective solutions that fully address the client's situation, without ever compromising excellence.

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  • Montreal QC (1 Place Ville Marie)

    1 Place Ville Marie, Suite 4000, Montreal QC H3B 4M4, Canada
    Phone +1 514 871 1522
    Fax +1 514 871 8977
  • Montreal QC (2000 McGill College)

    2000 McGill College, Suite 2200, Montreal QC H3A 3H3, Canada
    Phone 1 514 397 7602
    Fax 1 514 397 4382
  • Quebec City QC QC

    925 Grande Allée West, Suite 500, Quebec City QC G1S 1C1, Canada
    Phone +1 418 688 5000
    Fax +1 418 688 3458
  • Sherbrooke QC

    Cité du Parc, 95 Jacques Cartier Boulevard South, Suite 200, Sherbrooke QC J1J 2Z3, Canada
    Phone 1 819 346 5058
    Fax 1 819 346 5007
  • Trois-Rivieres QC

    1500 Royale Street, Suite 360, Trois-Rivieres QC G9A 6E6, Canada
    Phone 1 819 373 7000
    Fax 1 819 373 0943
  • Trois-Rivières QC

    Suite 360, 1500 Royale Street, Trois-Rivières QC G9A 6E6, Canada
    Phone +1 819 373 7000
    Fax +1 819 373 0943

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