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Harvard Law School Executive Education launched in 2007 to help lawyers from around the world meet the challenges of increasingly complex leadership roles and responsibilities they encounter across the arc of their careers. To great acclaim, we have adapted the executive education model of leadership development to meet the unique needs of lawyers and legal organizations. We rapidly prepare participants to apply leadership and business principles to the difficult, daily challenges they face in serving clients and leading within their organizations. Because we work with highly-tailored, real world case studies, our interactive case method greatly enhances participants’ ability to remember and apply what they have discussed and debated. Participants study, engage, and learn (as much from each other as from our faculty) and significantly grow their professional networks through the close ties they form with their classmates from around the world. Our programs result in classroom experiences of enduring value and impact. Learn more about our programs: https://execed.law.harvard.edu/programs/

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