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Q1 | 2021

Over more than 55 years, our global presence has developed into more than 20 offices on all continents. Since 1962, we have continued to open offices to better serve our customers. We believe that our customers deserve the best representation wherever they want to protect their IP; in their language and in their time zone.

We believe that quality is a prerequisite when working with a service provider. Every provider or IP law firm will agree on this; but, only a few have evidence. This proof of quality is why years ago we invested in an effective Quality Management program to plan, conduct and constantly monitor our service quality and guarantee customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the security of information and other assets is fundamental to our business success. Our information security management system conforms to the internationally accepted best practices as defined in relevant security standards, procedures and guidelines, following ISO 27001 and BSI IT security baselines.

The IP industry is currently undergoing massive changes. IP service providers worldwide have become the target of private equity investors. We believe that IP rights are not just a commodity. IP rights are some of the most valuable assets of a company. We also believe that the current developments in the IP industry do not inspire trust or confidence. Mergers and takeovers are fundamentally changing this industry and will lead to an increasing price pressure and consolidation. Dennemeyer continues to stand as an independent, trusted partner to our customers.

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Legal Influencer: Dennemeyer – The IP Group


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