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In this complex global economy, where change accelerates at incredible velocity, a traditional consulting model simply won’t suffice. With a global team of subject matter experts and seasoned advisors with hard-earned industry knowledge, Ankura is primed for this very moment, and for the future. Nimble, agile, and fluid, we are at the same time grounded in a proven, practical approach we call Collaborative Lateral Thinking. 

Collaborative Lateral Thinking

The Ankura method is designed to apply expertise, provide clarity, and go beyond the obvious. Bringing our team of experts and advisors together in a collaborative model is how we quickly adapt, innovate, create new models, shift paradigms, develop game-changing ideas, and deliver results. Integrating seamlessly across our firm, we bring every applicable resource to each challenge – supercharging our ability to protect, create, and recover value for our clients.

Experts in motion. Advisors in action. Keeping you ahead.

Where industries, disciplines, technologies, and trends intersect and when transformational moments and events overlap – Ankura is there. By analyzing data and trends, navigating events, and delivering expert support, we provide a strategic anchor for our clients when they need it the most. Our team of cross-industry, cross-disciplinary advisors and experts is right there with you – listening, learning, and charting your next steps to deliver the solutions, services, and results you need.

For the opportunity. For the future. For the challenge.

We are a culture immersed in the now and always prepared for what comes next. It starts by attracting and retaining the best talent – seasoned experts and advisors with hard-earned, first-hand industry experience – and then encouraging our people to think big, go beyond the obvious, and find innovative solutions by working together. Collaboration is infused in our DNA.

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