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Top 5 construction cases 2012

December 20 2012 There were many noteworthy cases handed down in 2012, however we focused on those which have the most interest and practical relevance to our clients.

New employment rules for international students studying in Canada

May 7 2014 On June 1, 2014, amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (Regulation) modifying working rights for foreign nationals under…

Construction of contracts: priority of documents

February 22 2010 In the following case, the court had to consider the construction of a contract, and in particular the effect of a clause concerning the priority of documents, in order to determine which of two conflicting provisions relating to the payment mechanism was to prevail.

Frustration, breach of contract and repudiation

May 25 2010 In the following case, which was bought before the courts by way of a summary application for judgement, the court had to consider whether the contract between the parties was frustrated so that performance become impossible or whether in fact one or other of the parties had wrongfully repudiated the contract.

Oil & Gas in South Africa

August 3 2017 A structured guide to oil and gas laws in South Africa

A purposive approach: court decides not to revoke renewable incentives following minor formal infraction

May 3 2021 A recent Council of State ruling has clarified the conditions for the award of tariffs to solar photovoltaic plants by finding that a failure to…

Monster Energy distribution dispute: amicus briefs do not create evident partiality

April 1 2021 In a six-year dispute between Monster Energy Co and City Beverages, LLC d/b/a Olympic Eagles Distributing (Olympic), a judge sitting in the Central…

Spotlight: real estate ownership issues in South Africa

March 19 2021 A brief review of the key legal and practical issues regarding the ownership of real estate in South Africa, including planning and environmental laws, taxes, finance and security.

In review: real estate investment in South Africa

March 19 2021 An overview of key legal and practical issues surrounding real estate investment in South Africa, including special considerations for foreign investors.