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Don’t get carried away with a flying freehold

United Kingdom - November 10 2011 It is important to consider the implications of a flying freehold early in a transaction

Turnover rent the pros and cons and how to lessen the effect of the cons

United Kingdom - September 14 2010 A turnover rent is calculated by reference to the turnover generated by the tenant

Do you mean what you say? What “without prejudice” and “subject to contract” really mean

United Kingdom - March 10 2011 Practitioners and clients alike often receive correspondence which is marked with a heading, such as "without prejudice" or "subject to contract"

What is a collective investment scheme and what are the practical regulatory issues?

United Kingdom - September 10 2009 A collective investment scheme ("CIS") is an arrangement that enables a number of investors (called 'participants' in the legislation) to pool their assets with a view to the investors sharing in the profits or income from the purchase, holding, management or disposal of the assets or sums paid out of such profits or income

Oversailing: what is it and why is it a concern for developers?

United Kingdom - May 19 2011 On a tight construction site, use of a tower crane may be the most practical construction method for maximising the footprint of the building and the efficiency of its construction

Public Private Partnerships in United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates - December 2 2019 A structured guide to public private partnerships in United Arab Emirates

The procurement process for public-private partnerships in United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates - December 2 2019 A concise Q&A guide to the procurement process for public-private partnerships in United Arab Emirates, including key legal and practical considerations

Litigation procedures and strategies: United Kingdom

United Kingdom - December 13 2016 The United Kingdom has highly developed court systems, but parties are expected to make reasonable efforts to settle a dispute without the need for

United Kingdom

United Kingdom - September 18 2015 UK Trademark Law differs in several important respects from the law in other EU member states, despite the implementation by the UK Trademarks Act

Property authorised investment funds (PAIFs) where are we going?

United Kingdom - March 11 2013 The Government introduced tax breaks for UK property funds in 2008. It has taken five years for the industry to start responding. Now we are seeing