Conducting litigation in Switzerland

July 25 2019 An overview of the procedures and practical considerations of litigation in Switzerland, including limitation issues, case management, submission of evidence and available remedies.

Spotlight: taxation of executives in Switzerland

November 16 2020 A general introduction to the tax regime applicable to executives in Switzerland, including key tax planning considerations.

Structuring Cross-border Transactions

August 5 2020 Under Swiss law, as for other jurisdictions, transactions are formally structured as a two-step process consisting of...

Real estate investment in Switzerland: asset deals versus share deals

July 5 2021 This article compares the tax treatment of the various real estate investment structures and methods available in Switzerland, including pros and cons and other key considerations.

At a glance: vertical agreements in Switzerland

March 23 2020 A look at the legal framework applicable to vertical agreements in Switzerland, including key competition provisions, assessment criteria, block exemptions and penalties, among other things.

In brief: money laundering offences in Switzerland

May 20 2022 A look at the key elements of criminal money laundering offences in Switzerland, including qualifying assets and transactions, predicate offences, defences and sanctions.

Snapshot: AML requirements for covered institutions and individuals in Switzerland

May 20 2022 A look at the key anti-money laundering requirements for covered institutions and individuals operating in Switzerland, including compliance and due diligence considerations.

In brief: enforcement against vertical agreements in Switzerland

February 11 2022 A look at the primary enforcement mechanisms against vertical agreements in Switzerland, including complaints procedures, private enforcement, investigations, penalties and remedies.


January 14 2022

In review: patent legislation in Switzerland

November 15 2021 A review of some of the key provisions of the patent legislation in Switzerland, covering the types of patent available, liability for infringement and grounds for invalidity, among other things.