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Force majeure clauses under English law

January 6 2016 In contract law, force majeure refers to exceptional events which prevent or hinder the performance of an obligation. Generally, these are events…

COVID-19: legal challenges for shipping industry

April 15 2020 The fast spread of COVID-19 worldwide and the actions taken by regulatory bodies have created challenges for the shipping industry in particular given…

Quiet enjoyment letters - benefit to lenders?

June 19 2019 Quiet enjoyment letters are often used where a ship, rig or other unit being financed is subject to a long-term charterparty to govern the…

Major revision of New York Produce Exchange form

November 9 2016 On October 15 2015 the Association of Ship Brokers and Agents, the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) and the Singapore Maritime…

Liening cargo - which lien clause applies to the bill of lading?

December 9 2015 In a dry bulk market where a charterer is not paying freight or hire, its counterparty is often left to consider whether it can lien the cargo on…

In brief: the key features of merger control legislation in Norway

August 17 2021 A look at the key features of the merger control legislation in Norway, including filing requirements, review thresholds and necessary regulatory approvals.

Q&A: merger notification and clearance in Norway

August 17 2021 A brief overview of key procedures and practical considerations surrounding merger notification and clearance in Norway, including timetables, documentation and sanctions for noncompliance.

Spotlight: regulation of liability for key professions in Norway

July 19 2021 A review of the liability frameworks governing key regulated professions in Norway, including lawyers, medical practitioners and banking professionals, among others.

In review: professional negligence law in Norway

July 19 2021 A general introduction to professional negligence law in Norway, including the legal framework, dispute resolution and remedies.

Green shipping: governmental support scheme for green offshore vessels

May 26 2021 In furtherance of its ambition to cut CO2 emissions from the short-sea shipping industry by 50% by 2030, the government recently announced that NKr150…