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No copyright protection for sport broadcasts

European Union, Sweden - October 3 2016 Following the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision in Case C-27913 (which was referred by the Swedish Supreme Court), the Supreme Court handed

E-cigarettes no longer considered medicinal products in Sweden

Sweden - May 25 2016 The Supreme Administrative Court has ruled that e-cigarettes not marketed for smoking cessation purposes should not be classified as medicinal

New pricing principles applied in decision on orphan drugs

Sweden - April 12 2017 The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency recently reassessed the reimbursement status of Cerezyme and VPRIV - two products indicated against

Court rules on choice of law principles in cross-border marketing

European Union, Sweden - July 16 2015 Established case law provides that the Marketing Act is generally applicable to cross-border marketing activities that target or have an effect in

Supreme Court to try limitations on judicial review of admissible evidence

Sweden - May 10 2018 Under the Competition Act, claims that a document is covered by legal privilege may be assessed by the courts. However, no equivalent possibility of

Supreme Court clarifies that relevant contractual provisions can supersede Environmental Code

Sweden - March 30 2020 The Supreme Court recently clarified that Chapter 32 of the Environmental Code can be applied between contracting parties and that it is possible to

Civil law as basis for interpretation in cases of allocation of responsibility for environmental damages

Sweden - January 13 2020 In a case concerning the distribution of the cost of remediation of pollution caused by polychlorinated biphenyls, the Land and Environment Court of

Politics, environmental policies and permit decisions

Sweden - November 11 2019 The legislature has decided that official decisions which could have a major impact on future environmental conduct should be made at the political

Liability for damages due to export of toxic waste: final ruling

Sweden - July 15 2019 In a long and extensive environmental liability suit in Sweden, approximately 800 Chileans sued a Swedish mining company. The claim was based on the

Revised Environmental Code: new requirements for hydropower sector

Sweden - February 4 2019 A number of revisions to the Environmental Code recently entered into force. The new rules apply to operators of hydroelectric power plants and plants