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Q&A: air transport in Malaysia

October 3 2019 A Q&A guide to air transport in Malaysia, covering the regulatory framework, aircraft registration, competition law, state aid rules and much more.

Instructions for ship managers and seafarers in wake of COVID-19 pandemic

April 8 2020 In the wake of the World Health Organisation's declaration that COVID-19 is now classified as a pandemic, the Malaysian Marine Department (MMD) has…

Damages under marine cargo all-risk insurance policy

April 19 2017 A court recently considered an insurance claim under a marine cargo all-risk insurance policy for damages to a ship unloader crane that had occurred while it was being unloaded onto a barge at West Port, Port Klang.

High Court rules on liability for loss of cargo

January 6 2016 A recent case before the High Court in Kuala Lumpur concerned the loss of cargo delivered from the Port of Tanjong Priok (Indonesia) to the Port of…

Procedures and strategies for anti-counterfeiting: Malaysia

May 18 2017 Malaysia remains committed to strengthening and enforcing its IP laws in order to improve domestic socio-economic development. The country’s efforts…

In brief: airport operations in Malaysia

August 19 2021 A look at some of the key legal and practical issues surrounding airport operations in Malaysia, including ownership, licensing, slot allocation and air traffic control.

Q&A: competition law and state aid for the aviation sector in Malaysia

August 19 2021 This article answers some of the key questions surrounding the application of competition law and state aid rules to the aviation sector in Malaysia.

What constitute good reasons for an order to sell a vessel pendente lite?

June 16 2021 Pursuant to the Rules of Court 2012, the high courts have inherent jurisdiction to order the appraisement and sale pendente lite of a vessel arrested…

Spotlight: IP rights enforcement in Malaysia

May 5 2021 This article reviews the key features of IP enforcement measures in Malaysia, including considerations surrounding venue and jurisdiction, obtaining evidence, trial procedures, remedies and appeals.

In review: key recent IP developments and trends in Malaysia

May 5 2021 A review of the most significant recent legal developments and trends affecting intellectual property owners in Malaysia, along with future prospects.