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The importance of a waiver of subrogation clause in a commercial lease

USA - January 30 2012 A waiver of subrogation provision is one of the most misunderstood, yet critical provisions, in a commercial lease and one that benefits both the landlord and the tenant

“Gross up” provisions in office leases: misconceptions and protections for landlords and tenants

USA - October 11 2011 To those who do not regularly deal with office leases, few concepts are as confusing as the “gross up” of operating expenses

Top 5 Common HIPAA “Myths” That Arise in Higher Education

USA - May 5 2017 The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996commonly referred to as “HIPAA”is a federal law imposing certain data privacy and

“I want to establish Florida residency and avoid state income tax.” not so fast!

USA - June 5 2015 There has been much debate recently about state income tax rates andor states having no income tax at all. Recently on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Joe

Branding 101: proper use of trademark symbols and attribution statements

USA - September 13 2013 In our companion post today, we are talking about the importance of using your trademarks in a consistent manner. This consistency helps consumers

FERC Off to a “Fast Start”

USA - January 2 2018 At the December 21, 2017 FERC open meeting, the first with the agency’s new Chairman, Kevin McIntyre and a full slate of Commissioners, several major new orders and policy initiatives were announced that are important to the energy industry, including initiating a more RTO-specific approach to fast-start resource pricing policies, new reporting requirements for cyber security incidents and a preliminary announcement of FERC’s intent to review the current pipeline certificate procedures

Free Money from your Association Insurer

USA - January 2 2018 In Wisconsin condominium associations are required to insure all of the property (other than the personal property) of the unit owners. (See, Sections

Directed Proxies vs. Absentee Ballots: What is the Difference, and Can Our Association Use Them

USA - December 27 2017 I have written before on the subject of associations’ continuing struggle to convince enough unit owners to attend owner meetings in order to meet

EPA Solicits Input on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Limits for Existing Electric Utility Generating Units

USA - December 22 2017 On December 18, 2017, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt signed an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking (“ANPRM”) to solicit input regarding the

Wisconsin Legislature Considers Repealing Nonfederal Wetland Permitting Program

USA - December 21 2017 Since 2001, Wisconsin law has required a permit to discharge fill into wetlands that do not fall under federal jurisdiction (“nonfederal wetlands”