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Closing and post-closing matters in M&A transactions

USA - November 2 2012 Closing structure and post-closing obligations in M&A transactions should be considered early on in the deal negotiation process, as they will heavily influence the provisions of the operative transaction agreement

Closing conditions and termination rights in M&A transactions

USA - September 6 2012 In the event there is a period of time between the signing of a definitive acquisition agreement and the closing of the acquisition, the parties will have to agree on a set of conditions that must be satisfied (or waived) before the acquisition may be closed

Letters of intent and term sheets in the context of M&A transactions

USA - April 26 2012 Before a buyer and seller enter into a definitive written agreement for the sale of a business, the seller may be presented with a letter of intent or term sheet setting forth the key terms and conditions upon which the buyer proposes to acquire such business

Choosing the proper transaction structure: asset vs. stock vs. merger

USA - May 10 2012 When two companies are considering an M&A transaction, an important initial consideration is the legal structure that the transaction will take

Preparing your company for sale: due diligence from a seller's perspective

USA - March 15 2012 Business owners seeking to sell their companies are well advised to first consider undertaking a due diligence investigation of the company

The new gTLDs from ICANN are coming: plan, don't panic

Global - April 11 2013 By now, brand owners are probably aware of the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

CFPB issues Small Entity Compliance Guide for ability to repay mortgage rule; trade groups seek more time for implementation

USA - April 11 2013 The CFPB has issued a Small Entity Compliance Guide on the ability to repay and qualified mortgage rule. According to the 45-page guide, it is

Proposed IRS regulations address community health needs assessment for tax-exempt hospitals

USA - April 11 2013 The IRS has recently proposed regulations affecting tax-exempt hospitals that provide guidance and comfort about the consequences of failing to meet

FDIC to host banker teleconferences on CFPB mortgage rules

USA - April 11 2013 The FDIC has scheduled the following three free teleconferences on the CFPB's new mortgage-related rules for officers and employees of

How secure is the CFPB’s consumer complaint system?

USA - April 11 2013 An audit of the CFPB's Consumer Response System (CRS) by the Federal Reserve's Office of Inspector General (OIG) found that improvements are needed