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4 reasons why companies can ask exempt employees to work for 'free'

USA - October 12 2015 The leaked Urban Outfitters memo asking salaried employees to volunteer one or more weekend shifts at an Urban Outfitters fulfillment center to pick

The Reply Brief: Turning "Getting the Last Word" into "Getting the Win"

USA - December 16 2015 When you are the appellant, you always have the burden of persuasion in seeking a reversal. Even on a de novo review, you are starting at least a

Why did I receive an administrative processing notice?

USA - October 21 2014 Administrative processing ensures that visa applicants are carefully screened before entering the United States. While the number of visa denials is

How to properly join in a co-party’s brief or motion to avoid waiver issues

USA - November 20 2015 Joining in a co-party's brief or motion can be cost effective, but the careful litigator should make sure to explain to the court how the other

Drafting a takeover agreement

USA - February 13 2013 This article discusses the issues an owner, lender, completion contractor, and surety should consider when drafting a takeover agreement. Although

Ninth Circuit Joins Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Circuits in Declining to Impose an “Administrative Feasibility” Requirement for Class Certification

USA - January 9 2017 The Ninth Circuit affirmed certification of putative class actions brought against ConAgra Foods, Inc. (“ConAgra”) by consumers who claimed that

State Law Prohibiting Class Actions Does Not Preclude Court From Maintaining Certification and Approving Settlement Agreement

USA - January 6 2017 The Sixth Circuit recently affirmed approval of a class action settlement agreement, holding that “a post-settlement change in the law does not alter

Ninth Circuit applies New York law in determining assignment of rights to arbitration proceeds was not a material breach of settlement agreement

USA - January 5 2017 Finding the alleged breach of an anti-assignment provision in a Settlement Agreement was not material, the Ninth Circuit held that the FAA did not

Peerless, This is Not: Sixth Circuit Finds No Latent Ambiguity in Consent to Settle Requirement in Excess Policy

USA - January 5 2017 Disputes between policyholders and excess insurers often involve events that occurred before the underlying defense costs or indemnity payments

Ninth Circuit Denies Rehearing En Banc, Requires Ex-Uber Drivers to Arbitrate Claims Individually

USA - January 4 2017 The Ninth Circuit denied rehearing en banc of its September order holding that the district court erred in deciding whether two drivers who sued Uber