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Crash Course on Non-Disclosure Agreements (`NDAs')

October 17 2018 Non-disclosure agreements are a crucial, but often overlooked, tool in allowing startup companies to grow, build strategic partnerships and explore…

GDPR & Israeli Privacy Law- Key Differences

April 25 2018 Due to recent changes in global privacy and data protection laws, certain entities may be subject to both Israeli data protection laws as well as…

Thinking out loud about the cloud in Israel

March 29 2017 An increasing number of businesses and individuals store their data on remote servers, known as 'clouds.' The cloud storage industry is evolving so…

New Double Tax Treaty between Israel and Germany

May 26 2016 On May 10, 2016, the Income Tax Ordinance (Prevention of Double Taxation) (Germany) 57762016 was published in the Official Israeli Gazette. This…

Can AML and cryptocurrencies co-exist?

March 26 2018 An Israeli District Court ruled that a bank account opened by a cryptocurrency exchange could not be properly monitored under AML rules.

Spotlight: key transactional issues in tech M&A in Israel

January 5 2021 This article reviews the most consequential issues faced by parties to M&A transactions in the tech sector in Israel, including common deal structures, agreement terms and financing.

A general introduction to tech M&A in Israel

January 5 2021 A general introduction to tech M&A in Israel, including an overview of the market and a survey of the most noteworthy developments over the past year.

Call for Submissions: Amendments to the Privacy Protection Law

December 2 2020 On November 29, 2020 the Ministry of Justice (the “MOJ”) published an open call for submissions for amendments to the Privacy Protection Law (1981)…

MOH’s Procedure on the Use of Digital Means in Informed Consent

November 23 2020 In the struggle against Covid-19, medical research constitutes an essential tool in finding new treatments and developing vaccines. In order to…

In brief: directors' and officers' liability for company insolvencies in Israel

November 10 2020 A brief look at the legal liabilities faced by directors and officers for company insolvencies in Israel, including available defences.