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South Korean Minimum Wage to Increase to 7,530 Won (or US$ 6.6) in 2018: Is Your Wage Scheme Vulnerable?

August 14 2017 On August 4, 2017, the Ministry of Employment and Labor (the "MOEL") announced the minimum wage for 2018 as 7,530 Won (about US$6.60) per hour. This…

Cybersecurity in South Korea

February 25 2019 A structured guide to cybersecurity in South Korea

Dismissing employees for poor performance: 10 issues to consider

December 19 2012 Dismissal of poorly performing employees may expose employers to legal liabilities and expenses, as the Korean courts have shown a tendency to rule against dismissal based on poor performance.

Korea’s Maximum Weekly Working Hours to Be Reduced to 52

March 2 2018 On February 28, 2018, Korea’s National Assembly approved a bill amending the Labor Standards Act (the “LSA”), Korea’s primary employment-law statute…

The Korean drug approval-patent linkage system: a comparison with the US Hatch-Waxman Act

February 16 2015 Pursuant to the implementation of the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement, Korea has introduced a drug approval-patent linkage system, which is the Korean…

South Korea

June 8 2021

In brief: protection of trade secrets South Korea

October 3 2020 This Q&A covers the essential legal and practical considerations surrounding the protection of trade secrets in South Korea.

Q&A: enforcement proceedings for trade secrets in South Korea

October 3 2020 A Q&A guide to enforcement proceedings and remedies for trade secrets disputes in South Korea, including procedural considerations, limitation periods, rules on evidence, remedies available and more.

Investment Arbitration and Parallel Proceedings

April 27 2020 The rapid increase in cross-border transactions in recent decades has naturally given rise to a spike in various types of international disputes…

The merger control regime in South Korea

September 11 2019 An overview of the merger control regime in South Korea, including key phases of review, procedures and appeals.