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Stays of Trial Court Proceedings Pending Appeal

USA - August 31 2016 It is a well-recognized principle of appellate law that merely filing a notice of appeal does not completely divest the trial court of

Should parties to a purchase agreement be allowed to lie to each other?

USA - February 2 2018 Ever since then-Vice Chancellor Strine penned his seminal opinion in Abry Partners V LP v. F&W Acquisition LLC, 891 A. 2d 1032 (Del. Ch. 2006), the

Finders' fees: folklore and fact on regulation

USA - August 14 2012 The capital markets are heating up, and as a result we are seeing increased interest in raising private capital for early-stage and private equity transactions

Do you mean don't solicit, don't hire, or both?

USA - March 16 2018 In M&A transactions, provisions prohibiting one party from soliciting or hiring another party’s employees are ubiquitous. For ease of discussion

Federal Jury Clears Leading Homeopathic Flu Remedy Manufacturer in Class Action Trial

USA - June 17 2016 On June 16, in a class action of importance to producers, marketers, and sellers of homeopathic products, a federal jury in the false advertising

Are You Properly Addressing Working Capital In Your Purchase Agreement?

USA - September 4 2018 Almost every M&A transaction includes some form of working capital true-up, and yet many practitioners, including attorneys, accountants, and business

Cybersecurity Safe Harbor Against Data Breach Lawsuits Becomes Ohio Law

USA - August 16 2018 On August 3, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed the Data Protection Act, which provides a safe harbor against data breach suits to businesses

Your Real Property Taxes Are Going Up. What Now?

USA - August 4 2018 As a property owner in Cuyahoga County, you may have recently received the county’s “Proposed Value Notice” informing you that your real property

Courts Split on the Viability of Claims Challenging "Hypoallergenic" Labeling

USA - July 16 2018 As is often the case with labeling for cosmetic and personal care products, there is no federal standard or definition governing the use of the term

California Passes Landmark Law Creating Broad Data Privacy Rights for California Residents

USA - July 16 2018 California has passed the United States’ first comprehensive data privacy legislation providing significant privacy rights to consumers and related