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SGX's new listing manual rules on AGM and poll voting

August 14 2013 On 2 June 2011, the Singapore Exchange Ltd. ("SGX") issued a Consultation Paper on Proposed Rule Changes on General Meetings to Increase…

Data protection and privacy in Singapore

August 27 2019 A well-rounded guide to the law and practice surrounding personal data protection and privacy in Singapore, covering the regulatory framework, enforcement, key requirements and individual rights.

Cybersecurity in Singapore

February 25 2019 A structured guide to cybersecurity in Singapore

In brief: telecoms regulation in Singapore

August 5 2020 A look at the key features of the regulatory framework for the telecoms sector in Singapore, including licensing regimes, spectrum use, universal service obligations, data protection and much more.

Cybersecurity in Singapore

February 24 2020 A Q&A covering the essentials of cybersecurity in Singapore, including key legislation, enforcement and best practices.

Franchise: Franchise Regulatory Regime in Indonesia and Singapore

September 21 2021 <p>"Indonesia first introduced a specific franchise regulatory regime in 1997 to provide greater protection to local franchisees. The regime has been extended and expanded since..."</p>

In brief: the key features of merger control legislation in Singapore

August 17 2021 A look at the key features of the merger control legislation in Singapore, including filing requirements, review thresholds and necessary regulatory approvals.

Q&A: merger notification and clearance in Singapore

August 17 2021 A brief overview of key procedures and practical considerations surrounding merger notification and clearance in Singapore, including timetables, documentation and sanctions for noncompliance.

Q&A: personal data handling and processing in Singapore

July 29 2021 An overview of key responsibilities and requirements for the handling and processing of personal data in Singapore.

Q&A: the data protection legal framework in Singapore

July 29 2021 A Q&A guide to the data protection legal framework in Singapore, including the data protection authority, breaches, the scope of coverage, PPI formats, and much more.