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Ports & Terminals in Brazil

November 13 2018 A structured guide to ports & terminals in Brazil

Brazilian Federal Revenue Office publishes Normative Instruction on customs clearance

May 20 2013 The Federal Revenue published the Normative Instruction (IN) No. 1356 of May 3rd, 2013 altering the Normative Instruction no. 680 of October 2nd…

Shipping in Brazil

May 15 2019 A structured guide to shipping in Brazil

First-step analysis: shipping law and practice in Brazil

August 1 2019 Your first-step guide to the major legal and practical issues faced by the shipping industry in Brazil, from ship registration to liability limitation and much more.

Ministry of Infrastructure announces programme to encourage maritime cabotage

September 25 2019 The Ministry of Infrastructure recently announced a new programme to encourage maritime cabotage. To achieve this aim, the programme will introduce…

Q&A: ship arrest in Brazil

June 30 2021 This article answers some of the key questions surrounding the arrest of ships in Brazil, including relevant international law and procedural issues.

Snapshot: carriage of goods by sea in Brazil

June 30 2021 A look at some of the key legal and practical issues surrounding the carriage of goods by sea in Brazil, including bills of lading, shipowner liability and much more.

Brazil decides not to renew bilateral agreements on maritime transport with Argentina and Uruguay

May 26 2021 Brazil will not renew its bilateral agreements on maritime transport with Argentina and Uruguay, which have been in force since 1985 and 1976…

New draft resolution to standardise how container terminals provide basic services

March 24 2021 The National Waterway Transportation Agency recently published Notice of Public Hearing 4/2021, soliciting feedback on a draft resolution which aims…

STJ confirms five-year limitation period for collection of demurrage of containers in maritime transport

January 13 2021 In October 2020 the Second Panel of the Superior Court of Justice issued a unanimous decision, on repetitive appeal, establishing that a claim to…