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The consequences of arrest for professionals

United Kingdom - January 5 2018 For the majority of people, whose only interaction with lawyers might be when buying a house or arranging a will, being arrested is an extremely

Does the absence of an extradition treaty lull a person into a false sense of security?

United Kingdom - June 24 2015 A common misconception in international law is that if there is no extradition treaty in existence between two countries, then you cannot be detained

The end of the Dubai debt sentence?

United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom - August 30 2018 The fallout from the 2008 financial crisis is still being felt by many who left the UAE in a hurry. Since then, the UAE has become an extradition

De-Arrest: Cleaning up your police record

United Kingdom - July 27 2017 David Farley was arrested by police after accidently knocking into David Cameron in 2014 whilst out jogging. He was questioned by the police but later

Police interviews when can ‘emergency provisions’ be invoked?

United Kingdom - October 4 2012 Police investigating the disappearance of April Jones from Machynlleth, Powys, on Monday evening have refused to confirm whether a man arrested in connection with the investigation had been interviewed in the absence of a legal adviser under what are sometimes described as “emergency provisions”

Unintentionally funding terror and the implications for professionals

United Kingdom - December 19 2018 The Supreme Court judgment in R v Sally Lane and John Letts (AB and CD) 2018 UKSC 36 makes clear that providing financial support for terrorism is

INTERPOL under the spotlight

European Union, Global, United Kingdom - December 18 2018 The process of electing INTERPOL’s new President last month attracted the attention of the world’s press and forced INTERPOL’s governance and

Advising individuals in cross-border investigations: The limits of double jeopardy

United Kingdom - December 12 2018 If there is an overarching message in the new SFO director Lisa Osofsky’s recent speeches, it is the significance of cross-border cooperation

Seeds of failure in Tesco trial were clear from start

United Kingdom - December 12 2018 If the case reaches that stage, it generally denotes that it was a proper and respectable one to bring. However, a dismissal of a prosecution case by

Getting tough on reporting money laundering and sanctions breaches

European Union, United Kingdom - December 12 2018 At the recent launch of the multi-agency National Economic Crime Centre (“NECC”) on 31 October 2018, Ben Wallace, the Minister of State for Security