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Damages for inconvenience and distress

August 30 2007 A fairly common question clients ask is whether damages can be awarded for distress and inconvenience.

Does right of access mean right to park?

September 2 2009 A case dealing with the parking rights relating to three adjoined houses (all part of a development of older agricultural buildings) has been decided by the Court of Appeal.

Rights lost if easement not enforced

July 23 2010 An easement is a right over someone else's land, such as a right of way.

Serial litigators - what can be done?

July 9 2009 For most people who have obsessive interests, these run to no more than compulsive DIY, recording the numbers of railway engines, collecting stamps or similar harmless pastimes.

Przybylska v Modus Telecom Ltd, EAT February 2007

May 30 2007 Miss Przybylska was employed on a three month probationary basis from 3 October 2005.

5 more tips for protecting your business from your employees

April 17 2013 Following feedback on his 5 top tips article, Blair Adams has 5 further top tips to protect your business from your employees. Don't give away…

The tricky topic of PILONS

April 17 2013 We recently held the first workshop in our two-part series on "Thirteen Tricky Topics" and it proved to be very popular. One “tricky topic” that…

Collective redundancy consultation – new rules in force from 6 April 2013

April 12 2013 We discussed this at our Breakfast Workshop earlier this week and wanted to set out the change in full. The change affects the consultation period…

Protect against the eurocrisis

April 10 2013 The Eurozone has been having a difficult time recently and the situation in Cyprus demonstrates just how bad it has become. If you have a customer in…

Copyright hub to turn £150k into £2.2bn?

April 3 2013 Last week Lord Younger, the UK's IP Minister, announced £150,000 of government funding to support the first stage development of a copyright hub to…