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VAGISAN Not Confusable With VAGISIL for Feminine Products, Says TTAB

USA - June 21 2017 The Board dismissed this opposition to registration of VAGISAN for various feminine hygiene products, finding no likelihood of confusion with the

A Holistic Approach To Intellectual Property Management

USA - July 29 2016 Several years ago, Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. needed to cut its legal costs without discouraging innovation or increasing risk. This is a

Applying Claim Preclusion Based on District Court Default, TTAB Enters Judgment Against ENTREPRENEURESS Applicant

USA - May 15 2017 In this Sections 2(d) and 43(c) opposition to registration of the mark ENTREPRENEURESS for educational and entertainment services relating to women

Despite Actual Confusion, Divided TTAB Finds PARTZILLA Not Confusable with REVZILLA for Motorcyle Parts

USA - June 7 2017 In an exhaustive (and exhausting) 76-page opinion, a divided Board panel dismissed an opposition to registration of PARTZILLA for retail store

TTAB Test: Is "NOT SO SIMPLE SYRUP" Confusable with "KEEP IT SIMPLE SYRUP" for Syrup?

USA - October 28 2016 Chef Sous LLC opposed an application to register the mark NOT SO SIMPLE SYRUP for "syrups for making beverages; non-alcoholic drink and cocktail


USA - October 17 2017 Applicant Coastal Sunbelt sought to register the mark SUNBELT ORGANIC, in standard form and in several design forms, for "organic foodstuffs, namely

TTAB Rejects 5-Year Acquired Distinctiveness Claim Due To Lack of Continuous Use

USA - October 16 2017 In a rare opposition based on the ground of Section 2(e)(2) geographical descriptiveness, the Board rejected applicant's Section 2(f) claim of

GREATER OMAHA not confusable with OMAHA STEAKS for meat, Says TTAB

USA - October 13 2017 In a 74-page opinion, the Board dismissed an opposition to the mark GREATER OMAHA & Design, shown below left, finding the mark not likely to cause

Precedential No. 32: TTAB Defers Decision on Motion to Strike Testimony Declaration

USA - October 12 2017 In this consolidated proceeding concerning the mark LEHMAN BROTHERS, Tiger Lily Ventures Ltd. moved to strike certain testimony and evidence submitted

TTAB Test: Which Of These Three Section 2(d) Refusals Was Reversed?

USA - October 11 2017 It has been said that one can predict the outcome of a Section 2(d) appeal 95 of the time just by looking at the marks and the goods or services