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Dealers beware providing a loaner to your customer action item ensure you have a loaner agreement

Canada - October 11 2011 Dealers and repair shops often have a practice of loaning clients a car for a day or two while the customer’s car is in the shop

What is a "sculpture" for copyright purposes?

Canada, United Kingdom - March 25 2010 A recent decision of the English Court of Appeal considered the meaning of the term "sculpture" in a copyright context, as well as a conflict of law issue

The defence of "fair comment"

Canada - July 7 2008 In WIC Radio Ltd. v Simpson, the Supreme Court of Canada has redefined and strengthened the defence of "fair comment" in defamation cases

What is an employer's duty to accommodate non-culpable chronic absenteeism?

Canada - June 5 2009 An employee’s performance of his or her contractual obligations to his or her employer is a fundamental element of the employment relationship

Motor vehicle leasing in Canada: a guide for U.S. leasing professionals - an essential update 2008

Canada, USA - April 30 2008 In 2006, Jonathan Fleisher wrote a guide for U.S. leasing professionals who are undertaking motor vehicle leasing in Canada

The payment services regime in Canada

Canada - February 12 2019 This article provides a brief overview of the legal regime governing payment services in Canada

Manitoba Government Passes Law Giving Victims of Domestic Violence Paid Leave

Canada - March 16 2016 The Manitoba Employment Standards Code was recently amended to give victims of domestic violence job-protected leave from work to deal with issues

Tim Horton's RRRolls Up the Rim in Interest Deduction Win

Canada - March 7 2016 The Federal Court of Appeal has allowed The TDL Group Co. (TDL) to deduct interest on borrowed money which was used to acquire common shares of a

Ontario Human Rights Commission Issues Rare Clarification of New Policy on Creed

Canada - February 29 2016 In late 2015, after four years of consultation and research, the Ontario Human Rights Commission (the "Commission") published its Policy on

Amendments to Ontario Land Transfer Tax Regulations for "De Minimis" Partnership Interest Exemption

Canada - February 23 2016 Effective February 18, 2016, the Ontario Government enacted "clarifying" amendments (the Amendments) to Ontario Regulation 7091 under the Land