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Government lobbying in Italy

February 25 2019 An overview of government lobbying laws and regulations in Italy, including disclosure and registration requirements and codes of conduct.

Private antitrust litigation in Italy

August 22 2019 A structured guide to private antitrust litigation in Italy, including availability, procedures, collective actions and remedies.

The employment law concerning the "expatriates" in Italy

August 27 2013 Nowadays, Chinese branded companies operating in Italy are more than 100, staffing almost 5,000 employees; numbers expected to swiftly rise in the…

New regime for innovative start-ups companies in Italy

March 20 2013 The Italian Law Decree no. 179 converted into law no. 221/2012 on "Further urgent measures for Italy's economic growth", commonly known as Decreto…

Recent developments in employment law after the so-called "Fornero Reform"

September 12 2013 Upon the entry into force of the major employment law reform known as "Fornero Reform" (Law 28 June 2012, no. 92), the Italian employment law system…

In brief: political finance in Italy

April 7 2021 A brief guide to the key laws and regulations governing the funding of political parties and campaigns in Italy.

At a glance: government lobbying in Italy

April 7 2021 A look at the legal provisions applicable to government lobbying activities in Italy, including key registration and disclosure requirements.

In review: the product liability framework in Italy

March 24 2021 A general introduction to the product liability framework in Italy, including key legislation and the extent of regulatory oversight.

Spotlight: product liability litigation in Italy

March 24 2021 An overview of litigation procedures and key considerations when bringing product liability claims in Italy, including available forums, burden of proof, defences, collective actions and damages.

In brief: foreign investment review procedure in Italy

January 28 2021 A look at the key procedures and review processes for obtaining foreign investment clearance in Italy.