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What is an indemnity policy?

United Kingdom - December 19 2016 In simple terms, an indemnity policy is an insurance policy to cover a defect relating to a property. Such policies are commonly used to cover against

Joint venture disputes: a lesson in kitchen sink litigation

United Kingdom - January 16 2017 Joint venture agreements are reasonably unusual arrangements within the agriculture industry. Certain forms, such as share farming, come in and out of

9 key facts about asbestos

United Kingdom - April 29 2016 Initially hailed as a miracle mineral, asbestos can be deadly when treated incorrectly. Here's a quick introduction to this infamous material - and

UK IPO recap - grounds for refusal of trade mark applications

United Kingdom - October 28 2015 The UK Intellectual Property Office ("IPO") has recently rejected an application to trade mark the term 'WILDFLOWER' in relation to toiletries and

Cofely Ltd v Anthony Bingham & Knowles - High Court removes arbitrator over apparent bias

United Kingdom - May 26 2016 In the recent case of Cofely Ltd v Bingham and another 2016 EWHC 240, the Commercial Court granted an application to remove an arbitrator under

The Resolution Code of Practice - what can it mean for you?

United Kingdom - April 4 2017 We sometimes hear that clients find it difficult to know how to choose a solicitor. We sympathise with that dilemma. In problems relating to family

Solar tax increase - what will it mean for schools?

USA - March 31 2017 Schools and some other businesses with solar panels installed may see a rise as large as 800 in taxes when business rate changes come into effect in

English Commercial Court upholds asymmetric jurisdiction clauses

United Kingdom - March 31 2017 Asymmetric jurisdiction clauses, which allow one party to sue in any jurisdiction whilst restricting the other party to only one jurisdiction, have

No Will, no way

United Kingdom - March 31 2017 Over the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in Will disputes, and indeed the amount spent on legal costs in attempting to resolve the

No more Multi-Academy Trusts in the South West?

United Kingdom - March 24 2017 Some schools intending to convert to academy status are being told that there are to be no more Multi-Academy Trusts (MATS) established in large