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Auditor Independence and Unpaid Fees

Canada - October 25 2016 Regulators are increasingly concerned about auditors who have unpaid professional fees and the potential impact of unpaid fees on auditor independence

Unable to Pay Rent? Your Options as a Commercial Tenant

Canada - October 25 2016 In this challenging economic climate many commercial tenants are finding it increasingly difficult to continue to pay their monthly rent obligations

Health, safety and environment: the key differences between environmental and occupational health and safety investigations

Canada - September 17 2010 Recent provincial and federal regulatory developments in the environmental and occupational health and safety ("OHS") fields have combined to create a new enforcement reality in Alberta; one that is particularly focused upon the oil sands industry, but by no means limited only to those operators

Lessons learned from Amanda Todd's tragedy

Canada - October 19 2012 Canadians have been riveted by the October 10 suicide of 15-year-old Amanda Todd following months of cyberbullying which started after Amanda posted topless photos of herself

Signing contract with non-existent party proves costly

Canada - April 13 2011 The specific party named in a construction contract is an important detail that is too-often overlooked

Asset Sales: Successor Liability Issues

Canada - November 16 2016 The Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench has recently confirmed that the American doctrine of corporate successor liability has no application in Alberta

Climate Leadership Regulation Released

Canada - November 4 2016 On November 3, 2016, the Alberta government publicly released the anticipated first regulation under the controversial Climate Leadership

Security for Judgment: A Useful and Often Overlooked Remedy

Canada - November 1 2016 McLennan Ross was recently successful in obtaining a Security for Judgment Order to protect the interests of a client involved in lengthy litigation

Protect Your Organization in the Event of a Data Breach

Canada - October 25 2016 One of the fastest growing areas of class actions in North America involves data breaches. Lost or stolen data from organizations is now

Drones - A New Frontier of Privacy and Liability is Taking Flight

Canada - October 25 2016 Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAVs”), are becoming more prevalent both as a recreational activity and as a tool for businesses. As UAVs are