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California requires continued paid health coverage during pregnancy leave

November 3 2011 Effective January 1, 2012, California employers are required to continue to maintain and pay their share of premium costs for group health coverage for female employees on pregnancy disability leave -- for up to four months.

Tax court finds leveraged partnership transaction to be disguised sale

August 19 2010 When will a so-called “leveraged partnership” involving a substantial debt-financed cash distribution to a contributing partner run afoul of the tax rules that allow such transactions to be accomplished on a tax-free basis?

Critical first steps in complex commercial arbitration - appointing qualified arbitrators and staging the preliminary conference

May 8 2009 Parties to arbitration expect that they will have a full and fair opportunity to present their claims and defenses and the supporting evidence to the arbitrator.

Changes to UCC Article 9

January 18 2011 The Uniform Law Commission (ULC) recently approved a number of changes to Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, which governs secured transactions.

FCC shortens time for porting telephone numbers

May 14 2009 Late last night, the FCC released an order that will shorten the time to move most landline telephone numbers from one carrier to another from four business days to one business day.

FTC releases updated guides on deceptive marketing practices by for-profit educational institutions

November 22 2013 For-profit schools and other higher education companies face increased exposure for deceptive marketing practices as a result of the Federal Trade…

SEC proposes rules for enacting crowdfunding provisions of JOBS Act

October 31 2013 On October 23, 2013, the SEC proposed rules under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (the "JOBS Act") to permit companies to offer and sell…

Summary of impact of 2013 federal government partial shutdown on postsecondary institutions

October 14 2013 As the federal government partial "shutdown" concludes its second week, the long-term implications for postsecondary institutions and students…

Gainful Employment working group proposals will set stage for second round of negotiated rulemaking

September 30 2013 With the recent conclusion of the first negotiated rulemaking session between the U.S. Department of Education (ED) and non-federal negotiators…

SEC approves final rule amendments allowing for general solicitation and general advertising in Rule 506 and Rule 144a offerings

July 11 2013 On Wednesday, June 10, 2013, the SEC approved amendments to Rule 506, Rule 144A and Form D to accommodate Section 201(a) of the JOBS Act, which…