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Employers should carefully investigate employee theft before calling the authorities

USA - November 13 2015 In the case of employee-theft, the employer has several recourses at its disposal: it may terminate the employee, file a civil suit for theft andor

Employees can be criminally prosecuted for stealing or copying confidential documents from employers to bolster discrimination lawsuits

USA - June 25 2015 On June 23, 2015, the New Jersey Supreme Court held, in State v. Saavedra, No. A-68-13, ___ N.J. ___, 2015 N.J. LEXIS 641 (June 23, 2015), (a copy of

Under New York law, an insurer's subrogation claims against third-party tortfeasors are not subject to recovery by an insured paid the full amount due under the policy

USA - June 15 2015 In Elrich v. American Int'l Group, Inc., 2015 NY Slip Op 04411, 2015 N.Y. App. Div. LEXIS 4339 (1st Dept. May 26, 2015), an intermediate New York

Weird New Jersey Cases: Will Written in Blood Admitted to Probate (And More)

USA - December 6 2018 Most persons have a basic understanding of what it takes to make a valid will - a written document, signed by the testator, in the presence of two

Recent New Jersey Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

USA - January 16 2017 All personal injury cases, no matter the facts, involve one common question--- what are the injuries worth? Set forth below is an update of recent

Stranger-Owned Insurance Contracts: Can State Regulation Curb Abuse?

USA - August 29 2019 Stranger-Owned Life Insurance or Annuity Policies ("STOLI") or" ( STOA") are generally arrangements, at or prior to policy issuance, to initiate or

New Jersey Governor Signs Bills that Allow Plaintiffs to Recover Medical Bills that Exceed their PIP Limits

USA - August 29 2019 On August 15, 2019, in response to the New Jersey Supreme Court’s decision in Haines v. Taft, the Governor of New Jersey signed a bill which allows

FINRA Increases Emphasis on Protection of Senior and Vulnerable Investors from Financial Exploitation

USA - August 26 2019 In response to the recent increase in financial exploitation of seniors and other at risk investors, FINRA recently announced that it is conducting a

Big Changes To Workplace Medical Marijuana Laws In New Jersey And New York

USA - August 15 2019 On July 2, 2019, amendments to the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Law were enacted affecting medical marijuana and the workplace, imposing new

The SEC Examined 50 RIAs Who Are Employing or Have Employed Individuals with a History of Disciplinary Issues and This is What They Found

USA - August 14 2019 The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) Office of Compliance and Inspections (OCIE) performed over 50 Examinations of registered