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Renewable energy policy and regulation in China

China - August 28 2019 An overview of the policy and regulatory framework for renewable energy in China

Analysis of the first “valuation adjustment mechanism” retrial case in China

China - November 14 2013 In the end of 2012, the Supreme People's Court of China (the "Supreme Court" or "Retrial Court") made a final judgment on the case "Gansu Shiheng

A practical analysis of non-monetary capital contribution

China - August 29 2013 Capital credit is crucial to an enterprise. Capital credit is even more important to a listed company for which disclosure is required. Furthermore

Third-party payment institutions opened up to foreign investment

China - July 17 2013 On July 10, the People's Bank of China released the administrative measures for bank card acquiring business which witnessed several rounds of

The identification of actual controller in the declaration of concentration of business operators under the Anti-Monopoly Law

China - August 13 2013 Monopolistic conducts which meet certain requirements should be reported and be reviewed under the Anti-Monopoly Law of People's Republic of China

Spotlight: key liability issues for the aviation sector in China

China - August 17 2020 A general introduction to the key features of the legal framework governing liability for international and domestic air carriage of passengers and cargo in China, with particular regard to recent developments

In review: aviation licensing in China

China - August 17 2020 This article reviews the most noteworthy legal and practical considerations surrounding the licensing of air carrier operations in China, including key regulations and ownership rules, with particular regard to recent developments

In review: commercial contract interpretation in China

China - December 3 2019 An examination of the key principles and practice of contractual interpretation in China, with due regard to recent court decisions

Spotlight: breach of contract claims in China

China - December 3 2019 This article reviews the key principles and considerations surrounding breach of commercial contracts in China, including the elements of successful claims and available defences

In review: contract formation in China

China - December 3 2019 A review of the key principles of contract formation in China and the implications for commercial agreements, with due regard to recent practice