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Keeping planning permissions alive

October 1 2007 The changes made to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004), which generally reduced the life of permissions from five to three years, will have a significant impact on developers.

US/UK dual qualified charities

November 26 2010 US citizens (and other individuals subject to US income tax) who are resident in the UK, may be subject to tax in either the US or the UK when they make contributions to charity unless the charity is dual qualified.

Probate matters: advertising for creditors

December 1 2008 Hidden in a newspaper's 'Legal Notices' you may have seen advertisements which are headed with the name of a deceased person together with the line: 'Pursuant to Section 27, Trustee Act 1925 (as amended)'.

Foreign assets: overseas but over here in a bankruptcy

November 24 2011 Earlier this year, the High Court gave judgment in a case involving a bankrupt who owned property in Morocco (Saunders v Donovan, unreported).

Making claims in administration/liquidation as an unsecured creditor: the process of proving debts owed by the company

September 8 2010 Insolvency procedures involving companies are complex and generally take a long time to complete.

New nationally significant electric line threshold confirmed

April 19 2013 The Planning Act infrastructure consenting regime is compulsory for sixteen types of infrastructure, for projects above a certain size threshold in…

2013 - the year ahead in charity law

April 18 2013 CIOs are a new legal form of charity, introduced by the Charities Act 2006, but which are only now being brought into effect. They are an…

Growth and Infrastructure Bill pings, but will it pong?

April 17 2013 Yesterday, the House of Commons considered the amendments to the Bill that had been made in the House of Lords - the two houses have to agree on the…

The Hodgson Review- interim government response published

April 17 2013 On 3 December 2012, the Government published its interim response to Lord Hodgson's Report on his review of the operation of the Charities Act 2006…

BIM - the next big thing for major projects

April 16 2013 . Building Information Modelling, or BIM, is something that you may be familiar with already or it may just be on the edge of your consciousness but…