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In-camera board meetings – what are they good for?

June 29 2011 Most people involved in organizations know that board meetings should be held regularly in order to ensure proper governance and adequate communication opportunities within the organization.

A practical guide to software license agreements: source code escrow arrangements

October 28 2013 Software license agreements often include a source code escrow arrangement that allows the customer to access and use source code for the licensed…

Rent deferment agreements in light of COVID-19

March 27 2020 In a typical commercial lease the tenant is required to continue paying rent, “without abatement, set-off or deduction,” throughout the lease term…

Court rules that Phys-Ed teacher was negligent in coaching field hockey

September 30 2010 On June 26, 2009, the Supreme Court of British Columbia held that the Chilliwack School District ("school district") was liable for the injuries sustained by a Grade 7 student playing field hockey in Physical Education ("PE") class.

Can I Record A Meeting With My Boss? Do I Have To Tell Her That I Am Recording Her?

June 1 2016 As employment lawyers, we are often asked whether it is legal to record a conversation at work, specifically the ones related to concerns over…

In review: third party litigation funding in Canada

December 8 2022 A general introduction to the legal and regulatory framework governing third party litigation funding in Canada.

Spotlight: structuring litigation funding agreements in Canada

December 8 2022 A review of the legal and practical issues that should be considered when structuring litigation funding agreements in Canada.

Bill 23 in Ontario: the More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022 receives Royal Assent

December 1 2022 This bulletin will cover Bill 23 in Ontario and the changes to legislation related to planning and development, development charges, Ontario Land…

Bill 124: Wage-cap legislation declared unconstitutional by Ontario Superior Court

November 30 2022 Did the Government’s preferred fiscal policies under Bill 124 warrant infringing on the constitutionally protected right to collective bargaining…

CSA provide reminders about non-GAAP and other financial measures disclosure

November 29 2022 The Canadian Securities Administrators (the CSA) highlighted deficiencies with respect to the disclosure of non-GAAP and other financial measures in…