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In brief: human rights compliance for businesses in Brazil

Brazil - February 28 2020 A compact guide to human rights compliance measures for businesses operating in Brazil, including statutory and voluntary disclosure and due diligence regimes

At a glance: natural gas pipeline transportation and storage in Brazil

Brazil - March 10 2020 A quick look at the regulatory framework governing natural gas pipeline transportation and storage in Brazil, including ownership, infrastructure, interconnection and expansion

Corporate criminal liability under Law of Environmental Crimes

Brazil - September 10 2018 Article 3 of the Law of Environmental Crimes constitutes Brazil's sole provision regarding legal entities' liability. This clause aimed to increase

In review: entering the employment relationship in Brazil

Brazil - March 11 2020 A review of some of the key considerations when entering an employment relationship in Brazil, including issues surrounding contracts and probationary periods

Renewable energy in Brazil

Brazil - September 23 2019 A structured guide to the law and practice surrounding renewable energy projects in Brazil, including the market framework, government authorisations and financing

Spotlight: the IPO process in Brazil

Brazil - March 25 2020 A review of the initial public offering process in Brazil, covering pitfalls and key legal and practical considerations for issuers

In review: governing rules for IPOs in Brazil

Brazil - March 25 2020 A general introduction to the laws and regulations governing initial public offerings in Brazil, including key listing requirements for the relevant stock exchanges

In brief: abuse of dominance in Brazil

Brazil - March 19 2020 A quick look at the key legal and regulatory provisions governing abuse of dominance in Brazil, including the types of conduct that constitute abuse and available defences

Q&A: enforcement of dominance rules in Brazil

Brazil - March 19 2020 A look at how the competition authorities in Brazil enforce provisions governing abuse of dominance, including sanctions, procedures and appeals

First-step analysis: dominance in Brazil

Brazil - March 19 2020 Your first-step guide to the key legal and practical points surrounding dominance in Brazil, covering the definition, abuse of dominance , enforcement and other considerations