When is overtime triggered for part-time employees?

August 8 2018 Under the Labour Code, part-time employees may exceed the daily and weekly work limits set out in their employment contracts without necessarily…

Who's liable for damage caused by employees?

April 24 2019 The Labour Code establishes a dual responsibility in employment relationships - namely, employers are liable for risks generated by their company's…

Can an employee justify their immediate resignation due to imperfect management of company?

December 18 2019 The Court of Appeal has ruled that employers' decisions regarding their economic policy, internal organisation and operating procedures cannot justify…

Employee surveillance in GDPR era

December 4 2019 Following the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, employers are no longer obliged to notify and receive prior authorisation…

Labour & Employment in Luxembourg

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Clarifications on short-time working system as of April 2021

March 24 2021 In a recent press release, the Ministry for Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy and the Ministry of the Economy clarified how the…

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