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Is it getting hot in here? takes on chilling effects

USA - January 24 2011 In what must be one of the nation's longest-lived Internet copyright wars, Perfect10, Inc. recently opened up a new front, asserting that online publication of its Digital Millenium Copyright Act takedown notices is a copyright violation

Court orders identity of BitTorrent users to be revealed in copyright case

USA - November 3 2011 BitTorrent users now have even more reason to be concerned if they are targeted in “John Doe” lawsuits for copyright infringement

From the .xxx files: porn industry giants sue over new domain name registry

USA - November 22 2011 The .xxx domain name registry was approved by ICANN and is now taking applications via your friendly neighborhood domain name registrar, so you would be forgiven for thinking that opponents of the .xxx domain are ready to move on and deal with the new regime

First Circuit affirms judgment that amended complaint in product liability action filed over a year after expiration of statute of limitations did not relate back to original complaint

USA - October 6 2010 In Coons v. Indus. Knife Co., -- F.3d ----, 2010 WL 3516849 (1st Cir. Sept. 10, 2010), plaintiff injured his hand while changing an industrial paper-cutting knife

Massachusetts and federal statutory limitations on liability for charitable organizations and their directors or trustees, employees and volunteers

USA - July 31 2009 This memorandum provides a summary analysis of the extent to which charitable organizations, their officers, directors or trustees, employees, and volunteers are exposed to liability under Massachusetts and federal law

Standing matters, TMDL version

USA - September 3 2013 Last week, in Conservation Law Foundation v. EPA, Judge Mark Wolf ruled that CLF did not have standing to challenge EPA's approval of total maximum

Building connections between compliance and CSR

USA - September 1 2013 CSR serves to strengthen a company's capacity to listen to, and communicate with, a range of stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors

More on old NSR claims: injunctive relief remains available against original owners foolish enough not to have sold

USA - August 28 2013 As we noted last week and last month, the 3rd and 7th Circuits have ruled that violations of the obligation to undertake NSR review prior to

Lawrence Lessig files copyright suit over “bad faith” DMCA takedown notice

USA - August 27 2013 The District of Massachusetts may be becoming a center for takedown notice jurisprudence. As we have previously reported, pending before the court is

The final nail in the coffin on EPA’s enforcement initiative against historic PSD violations? The Third Circuit agrees that PSD violations are not ongoing

USA - August 23 2013 Only last month, the 7th Circuit ruled that alleged violations of the Clean Air Act's PSD requirements are not ongoing. On Wednesday, in United