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Common mistakes in choice of law and jurisdiction clauses

United Kingdom - September 22 2015 It is very common for non English commercial counterparties to decide that a contract should be governed by English law. The English courts are very

The Consumer Rights Act 2015: what retailers need to know

United Kingdom - November 10 2015 Readers will be aware of the trumpeting surrounding the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA) which came into force on 1 October 2015. It aims to bring the

Reasonable Care v. Fitness for Purpose

United Kingdom - February 27 2018 At first glance, one may assume that a case concerning offshore windfarms would be of little interest to developers outside the energy sector. However

Arbitration awards time frames and delays

United Kingdom - September 24 2015 Under the new LCIA Rules 2014, one of the aims is to increase the speed and efficiency of arbitrations. However, arbitration awards can take a long

Company directors’ disqualification the regime gets tougher

United Kingdom - October 6 2015 On 1 October 2015, new provisions came into force which extend the director disqualification regime. These have been introduced by the Small Business

Why future cities will be smart

Global, United Kingdom - March 23 2018 Cities are the future, and future cities will be smart. Urbanisation is one of the continuing trends of the twenty first century. In 1800, just 2 of

Is the project monitor to blame?

United Kingdom - March 23 2018 The Court of Appeal has handed down its decision in a long running dispute concerning the duties owed by a project monitor. Lloyds Bank Plc v McBains

Terminating PFI contracts: What it really costs

United Kingdom - March 23 2018 At the Labour Party Conference last year, John McDonnell raised the idea that public sector bodies could provide better value for money in certain

Who should pay for replacing flammable cladding?

United Kingdom - March 23 2018 The first case on liability for flammable cladding provides little comfort to lessees seeking to recover the costs of repair. The call by a first

The right to adjudicate - Interpretation of ‘excluded operations’

United Kingdom - March 16 2018 The Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 (Act) grants the right to refer disputes relating to construction operations to