Beccar Varela


An interview with Estudio Beccar Varela discussing M&A in Argentina

January 23 2020 This article discusses various topics including legal developments, keynote deals as well as an insight into typical transactions within Argentina.

First-step analysis: business and human rights in Argentina

February 28 2020 A first-step guide to human rights issues relevant to businesses operating in Argentina, including key legal provisions, policy guidance, best practices and potential liabilities.

At a glance: ESG and investing in Argentina

September 26 2020 A Q&A guide to investing and ESG factors in Argentina, including regulatory and fiduciary duties, ratings, indices and guidelines, impact investing and more.

A general introduction to the banking regulatory regime in Argentina

May 6 2020 A general introduction to the regulatory regime for banks operating in Argentina with regard to recent developments, covering key legislation and the activities of the regulatory authorities, among other things.

The life sciences regulatory regime in Argentina

March 6 2019 A review of the regulatory regime governing medicines and medical devices in Argentina.

Spotlight: capital raising by start-ups in Argentina

October 7 2021 This article examines how start-up companies in Argentina raise capital at each stage of their development, including common terms of investment agreements and applicable securities regulations.

In review: venture capital in Argentina

October 7 2021 A general introduction to the current state of venture capital fundraising and start-up investment in Argentina, including key market trends and developments.

Completion Guarantees

September 9 2021 The purpose of this chapter is to underline certain characteristics that completion guarantees may usually present, and certain issues that may arise…

In review: resolving project and construction disputes in Argentina

July 7 2021 A brief overview of dispute resolution mechanisms and related practical considerations surrounding project and construction disputes in Argentina, including litigation and arbitration.

A general introduction to projects and construction in Argentina

July 7 2021 A general introduction to the need-to-know features of projects and construction law and practice in Argentina, including a review of recent developments and future prospects for the sector.