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Blockchain Technology Expected to Strongly Impact the IP Industry

Global - August 18 2017 During the past few years, a new technology - blockchain - has developed, which is expected to replace many current digital platforms. Since digital

The European Court of Justice finds pirate streaming illegal

European Union - April 28 2017 The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has recently interpreted a few articles in Directive 200129 and found pirate streaming illegal. One of the

To what extent is AI patentable in Europe?

European Union - August 13 2019 “My logic is undeniable” states the Artificial Intelligence supercomputer (VIKI) in the movie “I, Robot”. This may well be so, in the future! But how

The wind of change: GDPRs drastic effect on domain name registrations, especially the WHOIS data

European Union - May 23 2018 The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become enforceable on 25 May 2018. Among others, it will have an impact on domain name

Implementation of Seattle Genetics CJEU decision C-47114 in Sweden - Decision of the Swedish Patent and Market Appeal Court of 06 October, 2017

European Union, Sweden - October 10 2017 The decision Seattle Genetics CJEU decision C-47114 from the 06 May, 2009 concluded that the ‘date of the first authorisation to place the product on

Recent changes in China IP laws

China - September 12 2019 China’s legislature has approved amendments to three laws that will strengthen protections for Intellectual Property (IP) rights in the country

Ratification of UPC Agreement - Germany

European Union, Germany - September 4 2019 Recently, some Members of the German Parliament asked questions to the German Government regarding the budget for the UPC. The Government’s answer to

WIPO launches UDRP for Chinese domain names

China - August 22 2019 WIPOs Domain Name Dispute Resolution Service has enjoyed unbroken popularity for decades as it provides a time and cost effective remedy for brand

USPTOs nya regel kräver licensierad US Attorney som representant

USA - August 16 2019 Från och med den 3 augusti 2019 måste de sökanden, innehavara eller andra parter som deltar i varumärkesförfaranden vid det amerikanska patent och

USPTOs new rule requires a qualified U.S. attorney as representative

USA - August 16 2019 As of 3rd August 2019, all foreign domiciled applicants, registrants or other parties to a trademark proceeding before the United States Patent and