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Compelling an executor to make a distribution: can you make a trustee pay?

Canada - September 23 2013 You are a beneficiary of someone's will. You expect to receive a sizeable sum of money. How long do you have to wait before you can expect that

Was it a loan or a gift? Does it have to be paid back?

Canada - November 23 2011 In the undocumented world of family relations and finances, money is often provided by one person to another without the exact nature of the transaction being discussed, understood or documented

What if you can't find your dad's will?

Canada - June 13 2013 Despite the advice of professionals to the contrary, families often fail to discuss estate matters with each other. Parents may not even say they

Mutual wills: are they enforceable? A recent example: Re Wright Estate, 2012 BCSC 119

Canada - February 24 2012 Mutual wills are a common estate planning tool

Resolving ambiguities in a will

Canada - February 19 2013 Despite the intentions of a testator and the best drafting skills of their lawyer, there are often occasions when there is an ambiguity or apparent

Natural gas vehicles in British Columbia: at the intersection of public policy and utility regulation

Canada - January 10 2014 FortisBC is the dominant natural gas service provider in British Columbia, serving nearly a million customers in over 125 communities in the province

Water use in BC: new changes to permitting processes

Canada - January 8 2014 The Province recently approved amendments to the Water Regulation to eliminate minor but inconvenient steps in the permitting process. BC Regulation

Viewing employee’s personal email violates privacy legislation

Canada - December 20 2013 On December 18, 2013, the Alberta Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner ordered an employer to provide training to its staff on

Pension benefits will not be deducted from damages for wrongful dismissal

Canada - December 17 2013 On December 13, 2013, the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in IBM Canada Limited v. Waterman, 2013 SCC 70. The decision clarifies that

Supreme Court of Canada backs securities commission enforcement

Canada - December 9 2013 Unlike the United States, Canada does not have a national securities regulator. In Canada, each province regulates securities through its own