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Entire agreement clauses

Oman - February 13 2012 Many forms of contracts, particularly commercial contracts, tend to contain a variety of so-called “boilerplate” clauses (i.e., clauses with standard wording that are routinely used

Counterpart clauses

Oman - February 28 2012 Counterpart clauses are often used when the parties to an agreement are executing separate copies of that agreement

Legal opinions in banking transactions

Oman - December 26 2012 A legal opinion is an opinion expressing legal conclusions about andor legal analysis of a transaction or matter. The main purposes of a legal opinion

Events of default in a loan agreement

Oman - April 8 2011 There is typically an 'events of default' clause in every loan agreement, except for those loan agreements relating to an overdraft facility only

Transfers by lenders under syndicated loan agreements

Oman - December 8 2011 With the recent volatility in European financial markets, the importance of liquidity and flexibility within the banking sector has been the subject of renewed focus

FCPA: DOJ and SEC guidance (part 5) hallmarks of an effective compliance program

USA - April 19 2013 In this fifth part of our Client Alert series on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”), we focus on the hallmarks of an effective compliance

Fiscal cliff update - estate, gift and GST tax

USA - April 17 2013 On January 1, 2013 Congress passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act (the "Act"), which President Obama signed into law on January 2nd in order to

Mining law - possible value addition requirements

Oman - April 16 2013 The Government of the Sultanate of Oman's emphasis on diversification and increased role of the non- Oil and Gas sectors in the national economy has

Private sector minimum wage for Omani employees set to rise

Oman - April 11 2013 In a piece of important news relevant to companies doing business in the Sultanate, it was recently announced in the local press that Oman's Council

Reserve funds for Omani companies

Oman - April 8 2013 To help ensure that Omani companies maintain a solid financial position and are able to withstand shocks to their businesses, the Commercial