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Mediation of insurance disputes: wise or waste?

August 4 2010 Mediation of complex insurance disputes is on the rise.

Gli affidamenti diretti nel nuovo codice

June 10 2016 L'Autorità Nazionale Anticorruzione ("ANAC") ha recentemente pubblicato uno schema di linee guida concernenti le "Procedure per l'affidamento dei…

Holiday headaches solved

August 16 2012 With the summer holiday season upon us, we have compiled a sizzling selection of holiday-related questions which may be causing you headaches over this period.

Financial transactions and VAT: assignment of receivables at a discount to face value

October 19 2012 The ECJ provides some comfort to assignors and assignees of financial assets at a discount to face value.

Making less out of more: valuing plaintiff's recoverable damages when its insurer settles a subrogation claim with the responsible party for less than the claim's full amount

July 31 2013 A company that is alleged to be responsible for a loss often finds itself defending against two suits: (i) a tortAction filed by the injured party…

Energy Transition Series: Five Things to Know about Oil & Gas Electrification

June 14 2022 This is Part One of our 'Energy Transition Series', in which we offer our insights on new Technologies and their role in driving the energy…

SEC and FINRA Confirm Digital Assets a 2019 Examination Priority

January 28 2019 Recently, the Staffs of the SEC and FINRA announced their annual examination and regulatory priorities: the SEC’s Office of Compliance, Inspections…

Corruption and bribery offences in Italy

January 24 2019 A structured guide to corruption and bribery offences in Italy

Anti-corruption and bribery penalties in Italy

January 24 2019 A structured guide to anti-corruption and bribery penalties in Italy

Whistleblowing in Italy

January 24 2019 A structured guide to whistleblowing in Italy