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ECI: What is it, why use it and where is it going?

November 29 2012 Increasingly, the market is embracing alternative contracting models to deliver complex and large projects.

Exceptions to exclusions and limitations of liability - gross misconduct and wilful default

December 6 2010 When negotiating technology contracts, a customer may require that liability for negligence be excluded from the general contractual exclusions and limitations of liability.

RFPs – A binding process or not?

December 17 2012 A major IT project such as a new system implementation, or an outsourcing or managed services arrangement, will often commence with the issue of a Request for Proposal (RFP) or tender document.

Force majeure - what happens when disaster strikes?

April 11 2011 The recent disasters in Greymouth, Christchurch and Japan are sobering reminders of the ability of catastrophic and unexpected events to interrupt business.

Internet and the law: enforceability of browse-wrap terms and conditions

April 4 2013 Most prudent website operators include terms and conditions on their website to make it clear on what basis information, products or services…

Fluoridation is lawful. Fluoridation is not compulsory medical treatment

March 11 2014 The High Court confirms that local authorities have a power to fluoridate drinking water and that fluoridation is consistent with the New Zealand…

Crowd funding and peer-to-peer lending: final Regulations

March 11 2014 From 1 April 2014 companies will be able to access equity and debt capital without compliance with typical disclosure obligations placed on issuers…

Shackles removed for employee share schemes

March 11 2014 On 1 April 2014, a new regulatory framework for employee share schemes will come into force. This new regime will make it cheaper and easier for…

Health and Safety Reform Bill introduced into Parliament

March 11 2014 The next stage in New Zealand's biggest health and safety reform in 20 years arrived on Monday, with the introduction into Parliament of the Health…

Litigation funding – the Supreme Court rules

March 6 2014 The recent decision of the New Zealand Supreme Court in Waterhouse v Contractors Bonding Ltd is likely to see an increase in commercial funding of…