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California passes paid sick leave law, joining nation-wide trend

September 22 2014 Effective July 1, 2015, California will require virtually all employers to grant at least three days of paid annual sick leave to California…

Employers must update background check forms by January 1 to avoid liability

November 30 2012 The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has released new Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations requiring employers who conduct background checks on employees to update certain FCRA forms by January 1.

Insurers held responsible to defend against trespass claims where trespass began before their policy period

April 27 2010 Under a commercial general liability policy, an insurer can be obliged to defend an underlying trespass action where the trespass began before the policy period and continued throughout the policy period and afterwards.

Employee benefit plan implications of health care reform

April 9 2010 The new health care reform law not only penalizes employers who fail to offer affordable health care coverage, but also requires employers to make significant design changes to their existing plans.

Aligning interests in sell-side engagement letters

June 15 2012 Negotiating the investment banking engagement letter is a critical step in the M&A process, as it is imperative to align the interests of management and investors with their bankers to ensure a desired outcome.

Choosing a Trustee

June 4 2021 One of the most important decisions in your estate plan is choosing a trustee. Held to a very high standard of care, your trustee is expected to…

Does the Amgen Case Raise the Bar for Enablement?

May 17 2021 Does the Federal Circuit’s February 2021 Amgen v. Sanofi decision signal an evolving skepticism by the court of patent claims directed to antibodies…

Foreign Influence: NIH Strengthens Other Support & Biosketch Requirements Concerning Foreign Appointments and Employment

April 21 2021 Research institutions and individual grantees will soon face increased National Institutes of Health (NIH) requirements to disclose Other Support and…

Class Action Implications of Cybersecurity Incidents

March 29 2021 A major data breach is often followed by class action lawsuits, which can be costly and create risk and uncertainty at a time when the company is…

Limiting Risk from Employee Raiding

March 8 2021 Trade secrets are paramount to a company’s long-term success. Trusted employees are considered one of a company’s most important assets. In our new…